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Benefits – Forestry mulching versus traditional land clearing methods. Advantages of forestry mulching, bush hogging, brush hogging, and fence line clearing.

Benefits of our services:

Forestry Mulching

Common reasons for Forestry Mulching

  • Eco-friendly way to remove unwanted vegetation and small trees without the backbreaking work of chainsaws and weed eaters.
  • No large equipment like bulldozers or other excavating equipment to destroy your property like traditional land clearing options.
  • Overgrowth or underbrush removal.
  • Tree thinning.
  • Site preparation for home sites, buildings, children’s play sets, or the general enhancement of your property.
  • Area or pasture reclamation in the form of tree thinning, fence row clearing, and cut throughs for tractors or ATV’s for a more direct route to your fields.
  • Trails for horse or ATV ridding.
  • Creating food plots or shooting lanes on hunting property.
  • Buffer zones along roadways in and out fields, right of ways, or trails.
  • Removal of invasive species like wild blackberry, briers, privet, honeysuckle and other such nuisances that block out opportunities for native species.
  • Fire breaks or wildfire reduction clearing by cleaning up plants and downed trees that can act as fuel for wildfires allowing them to spread quicker.
  • Cleaning up after wildfires to remove unwanted debris from the natural disaster.

Advantages to forestry mulching

  • Mulched material helps fertilize the ground giving back organic, natural material and nutrients to the soil through decomposition.
  • Mulched material helps with weed and erosion control.
  • Smaller machines help to reduce any disturbances to your property.
  • No material for you to have to haul away, burn, or stack up on your property to create unsightly areas for you to see.
  • Generally more cost effective for owners due to less labor and equipment involved.
  • Due to the design of forestry mulching equipment there is less ground pressure therefore creating less disturbance to soil, roots, and wanted vegetation.
  • No small sharp stumps, stubble, or tree staubs to cause damage to equipment or tires due to the trees and brush are cut off at ground level which allows your equipment or ours to come in and maintain the serviced area.
  • Area is ready to seed, fence, or utilize in whatever way you see fit.
  • Conservation of wildlife and their habitats (depending on the situtation).

Differences between Forestry Mulching and Traditional Land Clearing Methods

Forestry Mulching                                                                          Traditional Land Clearing

Cost effectiveHigher costs and expensive
No hauling, burning, or removal of debris neededRequires burying, hauling, or burning debris
Controls erosionMore controls needed for runoff such as silt and mud that require special fences and runoff basins.
Eco-friendly due to a smaller machine and machine footprint. Usually only one truck and trailer to move equipment.Larger more destructive equipment and usually multiple pieces of equipment to complete the job. Not to mention the trucks to haul off the debris.
Visually appealingMud and lack of vegetation is unappealing
Preserves some natural areas for wildlife habitat in some situations.Usually removes large quantities of natural areas for wildlife habitat.
Can be done in most weather conditionsWeather dictates when work can be done
Usually does not need a permit.Permit is usually required.
Biomass is usually retained for decomposition for soil nutritionBiomass is burned, buried, or hauled away requiring reseeding, replanting or sod to be put down


Common reasons to bush/brushhogging

  • Reclamation of an overgrown area.
  • Helps keep property cleaner looking, better “curb appeal”.
  • Helps keep nutrients in the soil by mowing tall weeds, grasses and small trees to decay back into the soil providing carbon decay into nitrogen for healthier fields.
  • Weed management and enhancing forage for livestock. Repeated weed mowing helps let grasses use the nutrients and the weeds cannot compete with the native forage.

Fenceline Clearing

Common reasons to keep fence lines clean

  • Reclamation of an overgrown area.
  • Helps keep property cleaner looking, better “curb appeal”.
  • More use of all of your land by utilizing more of your fields and property area without getting your equipment “whacked” by tree limbs and possibly breaking windows or other parts of your equipment or vehicles.
  • Easier access to all of your land.
  • Better “curb appeal” even in areas that are not viewed from a street or home.
  • Helps to keep vegetation and trees from wrecking your fences so that you don’t have to replace wire or posts due to vegetation growth.

Helping take care of the land

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